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About Us
Full Spectrum Computing Solutions was established to go the extra mile to resolve issues that customers have in their day to day use of their computers.
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Mission Statement
• To deliver effective and efficient solutions designed to meet the Personal Computing, Networking and CAD/CAM requirements of small businesses and home computing customers.
• To resolve the tough issues that others have failed to provide answers for.
• To help our customers be either more productive with their current hardware/software or to help them evaluate their system(s) for upgrade or replacement.
• To provide services and expertise in areas that others do not, or can not. For example CAD/CAM, Plotting, Customised Application Development, and Virus eradication.
• Our services will always be provided with honesty, integrity and in a competent and user-friendly manner.

CEO Profile
The CEO and Founder, David L. Matrisch has over twenty nine years of hands on experience with computers and application development.
During this period, he acquired a lot of expertise in the area of Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAD/CAM).
He also worked six an a half years in Law Enforcement Technology.
This unique experience provided him with a lot of insight into the inner working and architecture of computers, networks, RS232 devices, mobile devices, manufacturing machinery, and applications that others never get to see or work with.
David has over the years developed a network of very knowledgeable and competent technical associates who are now available and able to assist him on larger projects or research and implement solutions. That have won the admiration of his customers.
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Dave Matrisch

Dave Matrisch
Full Spectrum Computing Solutions
401 Iris
Auburn, IL. 62615
Webmaster David l. Matrisch
E-Mail: Dave@FS-CS.com